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Safari 1: (9 Days) Shimla – Sarahan in upper Rampur – Sangla Valley in Kinnaur– Nako Village and Lake – Kaza in Spiti – Jispa in Lahaul Valley – Sarchu in the mountains of eastern Zanskar – Leh Ladakh.
This Jeep safari takes you from the picturesque hill resort of Shimla through the verdant valleys of Rampur and Kinnaur into the hi-altitude desert regions of Spiti and Leh.

Safari 2: (14 Days) Shimla – Sarahan in upper Rampur – Sangla Valley in Kinnaur- Kalpa & Rekong Peo also in Kinnaur – Nako Village & Lake – Tabo and Dhankar Monasteries in Spiti – Ki-Kibber village – Kaza – Manali - Dharamshala – Dalhousie – Jammu.
This trans Himalayan Safari takes you through the eastern parts of Himachal Pradesh where the landscape changes from alpine valleys to hi-altitude deserts. It continues into the Kullu valley and then into the Kangra Valley and going below the Dhauladhar ranges takes you to the pretty hill resort of Dalhousie and finally to the town of Jammu.

Safari 3: (7 Days) Manali- Keylong –Sarchu –Tso Kar Lake – Tso Moriri Lake – Leh

This safari takes you an exciting journey where you visit two hi-altitude brackish water lakes high in the Ladakh region.

Safari 4: (4 Days) Manali –Keylong – Sarchu- Upshi – Leh.

This journey takes you through some of the most spectacular desert regions in the hi Himalayas from the green valley of Kullu to the ancient town of Leh on the roof of the world.

Safari 5: Manali- Palampur- Kangra- Paragpur- Chandigarh.
This Jeep safari takes you to the lush tea gardens of Palampur stretching below the mighty Dhauladhar ranges in the Western Himalaya. You drive along the picturesque valley of Kangra and visit the ancient Kangra fort and the heritage ‘Haveli’an ancestral home at the serene hamlet of Paragpur. This entire safari gives you an insight of a different hill folk who live in these beautiful hills.

Monal offers you interesting journeys through ancient trails that are now Jeepable passing quaint villages, ancient monasteries, architecturally astounding temples and some of the most awesome terrain in the Western Himalayas. A Monal Safari traverses the entire state of Himachal Pradesh and the hi-altitude desert regions of eastern Zanskar and Ladakh. Monal uses only the very best of vehicles suited to handle this kind of terrain. Our drivers have years of experience and know the terrain and land well so that you have an effortless but thrilling and exciting journey through some of the most awesome terrains in the western Himalayas.

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We are offering you the chance to take part in a high altitude mountain to take part in a high altitude mountain climbing expeditions. We are committed to provide you best quality of services and experience to help you reach your goal. Mountaineering is more specialized and requires more fitness  and determination on the part of mountaineers as compared to trekkers. High altitudes and more adverse weather


conditions are encountensely the requirement of equipment is also more. Going with Rita Tourism Foundation fulfills such requirements. In India, mountaineering is an attractive proposition for tourism purposes because of the large number of climbing challenges available in the Indian Himalayas. It continually  allures  both Indian and foreign climbers. Peaks in Himachal Pradesh are much more easily accessible from road needs which saves on the time required. The area around Manali , presently forms the care of mountaineering in Himachal and Garhwal Himalayas also has several areas where mountaineering is possible. 

Trip Introduction

The ancient Indians called the Beas river as Vipasa. The current name Beas is regarded as formed from Vyas Rishi well learned sage who is the author of Mahabharata, the great Indian epic, however some scholars in Himachal Pradesh call this river as Vipasha.The Beas river orginates from alake called Beas Kund ,wherein Beas is the corrupted form of Vyas and kund means a small water body like a lake. This tiny lake is Beas Kund situated at upper valley of Solang.  Which is world renowned venue  of winter and summer games in Manali. Its an ideal base camp for climbing nearby peaks like Shitidhar, friendship and Ladakhi . The West side of Beas Kund is magnificient peak  Hanuman  Tibba at the height of 5990m.

Manali (alt. 1,950 m or 6,398 ft), in the Beas River valley, is an important hill station in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, India,It is situated at the northern end of the Kullu Valley.Manali is administratively a part of the Kullu district, with population of approx. 30,000. The small town was once the starting point of an ancient trade route to Ladakh and, from there, over the Karakoram Pass on to Yarkand and Khotan in the Tarim Basin.Manali the rich treasure of  Indian culture and heritage,  the home of the Saptarshi, or Seven Sages.

Hidimba Devi Temple
Hidimba Devi Temple, erected in 1553, is dedicated to the local deity Hadimba, wife of the Pandava prince, Bhim. The temple is noted for its four-store pagoda and exquisite wooden carvings.

Solang Nala
Solang valley is a side valley at the top of the Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh, India 14 km northwest of the resort town Manali on the way to Rohtang Pass, and is known for its summer and winter sport conditions. The sports most commonly offered are parachuting, paragliding, skating and zorbing.
Giant slopes of lawn comprise Solang Valley and provide it its reputation as a popular ski resort. A few ski agencies offering courses and equipment reside here and operate only during winter.

Budhist Monastery

Manali is known for its shiny gompas or Buddhist monasteries. It has the highest concentration of Tibetan refugees in the entire Kullu valley

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Day 01: Delhi 

On arrival at Delhi airport you will be met by our representative and transferred to your hotel for one night’s stay.  The day is free to spend at your leisure.  Overnight in hotel.

Day 02: Delhi - Chandigarh 

Leave Delhi after breakfast by train to Chandigarh - the afternoon will be spent visiting the amazing Rock Garden created by Nek Chand, Sukhna Lake and the Rose Garden.  Overnight in hotel.

Day 03: Chandigarh - Manikaran (1700m/5577ft)

Today’s drive will take us through the Kullu Valley the 264 km ‘s to Manikaran - famous for its sulphur springs and an important place of pilgrimage for both Hindu’s and Sikh’s.  Situated in the Parvati valley it is also the starting point for our trek.  Overnight in hotel. 

Day 04: Manikaran - Pulga (2290m/7513ft)

We begin our trek by following the River Parvati through a lovely wooded valley up to the small village of Pulga a walk of around 3 – 4 hours.  Our meadow campground for the night is just above the village and offers great views of the surrounding countryside.  Overnight in tent.

Day 05: Pulga - Kheer Ganga (2850m/9350ft)

Leaving after breakfast today’s trek should take us 4 – 5 hours it is a pleasant walk through the forest with one short climb up to Kheer Ganga – a pleasant little hamlet with a small temple of Lord Shiva and more hot springs.  Overnight in tent.

Day 06: Kheer Ganga - Tunda Bhoj (3200m/10498ft)

We begin today with a steady climb up through the gorge before the valley widens and the trail crosses several beautiful pastures with many species of wildflowers. Along the way numerous Gujjar/Gaddi shepherd encampments can be seen, these will be the last settlements we will see till after the Pin Parvati Pass. Overnight in tent.

Day 07: Tunda Bhoj -Thakur Kaun (3400m/11154ft)

Today's trek is 16km and should take 4 – 5 hours.  In this section of the valley the trail is steep and quite hard in places traversing rocks and dense vegetation however we may be rewarded with sightings of small Himalayan bears and snow leopards before arriving at our cliff top campground for the night at Thakur Kaun.  Overnight in tent.

Day 08: Thakur Kaun - Pandu Bridge (3700m/12139ft)

Leaving after breakfast today we head on the 12km walk to Pandu Bridge – a natural rock bridge over the River Parvati.  The terrain changes from the birch and conifer forests of the last few days to rocks and boulders as we head out above the tree line.  Overnight in tent.

Day 09: Pandu Bridge - Mantalai Lake (4070m/13353ft)

An undulating walk today of 15 km which should take us 6 – 7 hours to complete - the trail crosses several flowered meadows culminating in a steep 200m climb over boulders to reach the glacial lake of Mantalai - source of the river Parvati.   Overnight in tent.

Day 10: Mantalai Lake - Base Camp (4450m/14599ft)

Today’s trek should take us approximately 7hrs. Primarily crossing a landscape of terminal moraine and boulders and finding our way by following the many cairns  - the walk offers excellent views of surrounding mountains, lakes and glaciers.  It is a steep final ascent to Base camp but well worth the climb as our campsite is situated in a beautiful open valley and surrounded by glaciers.  Overnight in tent.

Day 11: Base Camp - Pin Parvati Pass (5400m/17716ft)  - Pin Valley

An early start is recommended as we climb up from Base Camp through the snowfields – although not especially difficult the snow can make it quite hard going. After crossing the Pass, which is marked by cairns and prayer flags we enter the Spiti Valley – one of the highest and remote inhabited places on earth. The initial descent is gradual through snow and ice fields where caution needs to be exercised due to hidden crevasses before we reach our campground for the night situated at the centre of three valleys.  Overnight in tent.

Day 12: Pin Valley – Mudh (3750m/12300 ft)

Today’s walk is a gradual descent to the valley floor and the village of Mudh - an enchanting little hamlet with a small gompa perched on a hill, which is where our campsite for the night is to be found. Overnight in tent.
Day 13: Mudh – Sagnam (3680m/12070 ft) 

Today’s trek to Sagnam village is around 12 km’s and should take us 5- 7 hours.   The trail winds its way through vast meadows – the grazing grounds for the local shepherds before arriving at Sagnam a large village situated at the confluence of Pin and Khamengar rivers.  Overnight in tent/guesthouse.

Day 14: Sagnam – Gungri - Kaza (3600m/11808 ft)

After breakfast a short 3km trek takes us to Gungri on the river Khamengar and home to one of the five important gompas located in Spiti valley. After visiting the gompa it’s a short drive to Kaza the regions main town and market. Overnight in hotel.

Day 15: Kaza - Manali (2050m/6725 ft)

Today takes us the 209 km’s to Manali by jeep – a pretty spectacular drive over the Kunzum (4590 m/ 15055 ft) and Rohtang Passes (3980 m/13055 ft). Arriving early evening we check into our hotel for the final night of the tour.

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PHQ-9 Patient Depression Questionnaire
For initial diagnosis:
1. Patient completes PHQ-9 Quick Depression Assessment.
2. If there are at least 4 􀀳s in the shaded section (including Questions #1 and #2), consider a depressive
disorder. Add score to determine severity.
Consider Major Depressive Disorder
- if there are at least 5 􀀳s in the shaded section (one of which corresponds to Question #1 or #2)
Consider Other Depressive Disorder
- if there are 2-4 􀀳s in the shaded section (one of which corresponds to Question #1 or #2)
Note: Since the questionnaire relies on patient self-report, all responses should be verified by the clinician,
and a definitive diagnosis is made on clinical grounds taking into account how well the patient understood
the questionnaire, as well as other relevant information from the patient.
Diagnoses of Major Depressive Disorder or Other Depressive Disorder also require impairment of social,
occupational, or other important areas of functioning (Question #10) and ruling out normal bereavement, a
history of a Manic Episode (Bipolar Disorder), and a physical disorder, medication, or other drug as the
biological cause of the depressive symptoms.
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Scoring: add up all checked boxes on PHQ-9
For every 􀀳 Not at all = 0; Several days = 1;
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Who Is Roland Buck?
Born: Everett, Washington, June 13, 1918
Graduated from Northwest College, Seattle, WA, 1939
Pastored churches in Granger and Yakima, WA, and Gooding and Boise, Idaho.
Pastor of Central Assembly of God Christian Life Center, Boise, Idaho, from 1950 present.
Average Sunday morning attendance in 1978 was about
Married Charmian Jacobson, June 13, 1942
Born Again spiritually in 1929, and received the baptism with the Holy Spirit at the same time.
Charmian was Born Again at age 10, and received the baptism with the Holy Spirit at age 21.
This is the true story of an ordinary man who has experienced an extraordinary series of events.
When we first heard of Roland Buck, we had been sharing the story of how God had placed a special warrior angel with us to protect us from the
fiery darts of the devil until Jesus comes back. A couple asked us, "Have you heard about the pastor in Boise, Idaho, who has been having
visitations from angels? They have been talking to him and bringing messages from God."
Even in these days when the supernatural power of God is more in evidence than ever before, this shocked us; especially when Doug and Ruth told
us that Gabriel was the one who brought the messages! For a moment it sounded like the most wayout
statement we had ever heard, but somehow
or other, there was such a ring of truth to it that we had a hungering created in our hearts to hear more!
Our busy schedule kept us from calling this pastor to find out any of the details, but in God's perfect plan he kept nudging and nudging us to contact
Roland Buck about writing a book. We were still too bogged down with other work, so we didn't do it! Then God really got busy when we continued
being too busy! He brought a couple down to Houston from Sitka, Alaska, who had stopped by Eugene, Oregon, and picked up a series of "angel"
tapes they wanted us to listen to. They were bubbling over because they had listened to these tapes all the way from Oregon to Texas. All they
could say was, "You've got to listen to them you've
got to listen to them!"
And listen we did! Every time we got in the car, the tape player came on with another angel tape. At night when we went to bed, we went to sleep
listening to "angel" tapes, until one Friday afternoon Charles said, "I am utterly compelled to call Pastor Buck to see if we can interview him with the
idea of writing a book. These messages from the angels are so fantastic, the entire world needs to hear them." Frances was equally fascinated with
the idea of angels talking to an individual, so we both went to the telephone to make the call.
Pastor Buck immediately invited us to minister in his church in the evenings and said he would be more than happy to cooperate with interviews in
the daytime. Although he assured us that the heart of the messages the angels had given him were on the tapes we had listened to, he said there
might be some extras we would be interested in hearing. We could hardly wait to get there!
We arrived on a Sunday evening just minutes before the church service, and afterwards we went out for a bite to eat with Roland and Charmian
Buck. If there had been any skepticism in our hearts before then, it was gone as he began to share from his heart some of the beautiful truths the
angels have brought to him directly from God.
That evening was followed by two days of interviews in which we saw the heart of a man who said, "I want God to be in focus and glorified. I do not
want any glory for myself." We asked him many of the questions you might ask: "Was it an unusual day when you had the first experience?" He said,
"No, it was just an ordinary, runofthemill
day before I went to bed that night. Angels are the last thing I would have thought of when I sat up in
We were both fascinated with his knowledge, not only of the Bible, but of the scriptural references as well. It seemed his total conversation was
direct from the Word of God! We asked him if he had always had the good memory which he has had since he returned from the Throne Room. He
said, "I would have to say 'no.' Before this experience I had to use the scriptures that I knew, so I studied and read the Bible over and over again. I
have been in the ministry many, many years, and I always had to use a concordance to look up verses, but for the 2,000 verses God gave me I don't
have to do that any more. I don't even have to read them from the Bible when I speak, because I JUST KNOW THEM!"

One of the things that spoke to our hearts about the genuineness of these experiences was the fact that they all tied back to the Bible!
One night Charles said, "Can you imagine people believing the son of a Jewish carpenter who came up and said, 'I am the way, the truth, and the
life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me!" (John 14:6).
We find it easier to believe the stories of angelic visitations in the twentieth century than it was for those people to believe that this ordinary young
man was Jesus, the Son of God!
Some people didn't believe that story. Some did! It will be the same way today. Some will believe this story. Some won't. We do! Whether you
believe it or not, this book will cause you to see God's love in a greater way than ever before and it will make Jesus come alive to you! It will give a
feeling of living right now in the limitless dimension of eternity!
Charles & Frances Hunter
A Word From the Wife of Roland Buck
What an exciting day to be alive! Although we have the darkness of wickedness on every hand, we have the assurance of God caring through a
great supernatural renewal in our day.
A spiritual awakening is always characterized by miracles of healing, many conversions and a new touch in lives.
Part of the special work God is doing is a broader revelation of himself through the messages brought by angelic visitation.
To think that our family and church could be a part of this expression of his love is more than I can comprehend.
Two questions people ask me when they know that my precious husband has had many angelic encounters are: "Have you seen an angel," and
"Why did God choose your husband?"
I have not yet had an angelic encounter, but at times when I have gone to bed at night I have experienced such an overwhelming inflow of God's
presence that I have had to go downstairs to praise and worship him. I am very much at peace because I know God does everything right. My
husband is the leader and the one who is ministering to the people, so God has laid his hand especially on him. Who am I to question God? Our
love is so close and we share the ministry so much together that although I have not seen an angel, I have been abundantly blessed as my husband
pours out to me the truths that God has shown to him.
In answer to the second question, "Why did God choose him?" you must understand my evaluations are purely human because we cannot limit God.
In the first place, my husband is not easily swayed. We have pastored in Boise, Idaho, for 29 years. Through the years I have seen such a
confidence and trust in God that he has been like a rock of Gibraltar.
He has maintained a steady, even ministry in spite of socalled
"fads" in religious circles not
"swayed with every wind of doctrine," but weighing
carefully those things which could be of a questionable nature.
He has always been a great student of the Word and in his ministry has built a bridge for the unbeliever instead of a barrier to the kingdom of God.
The angelic encounters have not been his first knowledge of God dealing with him in a special way. Many times he has come to bed in the morning
after God has spoken to him through the night hours regarding truths in the Word, giving him many scriptures to bear out the particular message he
wanted to give him.
His consistency and stability have created within our four children and me a trust in God that is unwavering. He has suffered three heart attacks and
one heart arrest, but through it all the peace of God was felt within our whole family. God has given us a wonderful heritage.
Although my husband has meditated a great deal on the Word, he is not a mystic, but very human and a person I have grown to love and trust.
God can do as he pleases. Didn't he visit many people in the Old and New Testaments? He is still able to do the same in these days God
is the
God of the supernatural who
can deny it?
Encounter (Ch. 1)
The most outstanding and thrilling thing that has ever taken place in my life has been the angelic visitations that have occurred during the past two
God made it very clear to me that I am to share what happened in my life so I am passing on descriptions of what I have seen, experiences I have
had, and messages I have been given.
God is illuminating truths of the Bible in unprecedented ways prior to the return of Jesus. Revelations are being brought forth in all ministries flowing
in the Spirit. In this relation, God quickened my spirit to John 16:1215:
"Oh, there is so much more I want to tell you, but you can't understand it now.
When the Holy Spirit, who is truth, comes, he shall guide you into all truth, for he will not be presenting his own ideas, but will be passing on to you
what he has heard. He will tell you about the future" (TLB). Jesus spoke these words.
I have written these encounters and messages with the limitation of my own human understanding. In doing this, I have made references to what the
angels have said, but not with the thought of quoting them verbatim, except where I have so stated. When you consider that there have been some
fifty hours of angelic conversation which I have condensed with my own words and understanding into this single volume, you can perhaps realize

Male: Female: